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sam is

sam is stuck in the gulf without a compass

sam is this company's rich uncle
17 January 1987
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sam is indeed more beautiful in person than on tv

sam is trying to kill you:

is a Giant Mecha-Robot that swallows Aeroplanes Whole, has Acid for Blood, is Poisonous, can Leap Great Distances, and CANNOT BE STOPPED.

Strength: 13 Agility: 10 Intelligence: 12

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Antisocialist, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Antisocialist using

sam is also a published author
sam is an asshole
sam is carbon neutral
sam is a little disgusted
sam is expected to make and make it quick
sam is footing the bill
sam is no sham
sam is in big trouble
sam is in houston
sam is killing child
sam is my father man alive
sam is no stock analyst
sam is on the injured list
sam is really sexy
sam is the stuff this doll is made of
sam is the worst drug fiend in the world
sam is usually portrayed with a goatee:

sam is xbox bound
sam is evil
sam is no "change agent"
sam is out to get you
sam is stupid and so he shall die
sam is a chinese spy
sam is evidently feeling the heat
sam is a real vip
sam is missing a story arc
sam is everywhere
sam is saving us from ourselves